TIBCO – Business Connect search GUI

In the product which is bundled with the TIBCO Business Connect software, we discovered that the sql’s became slower and slower when you tried to search in the default search GUI.

Each search took for about 2-5 minutes. When you wanted to see the details for the transactions you found in your search, you had to wait for 2-5 minutes for each transaction.

We discovered that there was a bug in the code leading to full table scan in the Oracle database, but was not able to get a fix for this error from Tibco.

I therefore wrote a new search GUI, using php, oracle and java.

I manly reused the API I created for the Tibco BC view described in another post.

I added extra features like access login with roles, the possibility to generate statistics and the possibility to choose environment (prod, test and development).

The search which took 2-5 minutes, now just takes 2-4 seconds.

BC search GUI

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