Tibco B2B

I’ve worked for a while with B2B-communication for Telenor.
They use software based on TIBCO and ebXML.

To get a better overview over the transactions running thru the TIBCO platform and detecting the trouble areas, I chose to create a GUI which could show me the status of important areas.

I created a page using JpGraph, Ajax, Java and PHP.
The reason why I created a java class, was because the support between Oracle and PHP is not good enough.
So I created an API against the repository for the B2B application.

Here is the result:

B2B view

Confidential data is scrambled in the picture.
You can se the number of orders which has completed, failed and is pending.
You can also click on the messages in the box to the left, to get further information about the orders.

In the «blue» circle, you can see the share of orders which has failed and completed for each business partner.
In the circle/pie down to the left, you can se the percentage of the total amount of order (within the last hour), which has failed or is pending customer/Telenor.
In the circle/pie down to the right, you can se the percentage for each partner who has errors in they’re orders.

If there is too many pending or failed orders within an hour, the left marrow will turn red.
You will also get a message on the screen explaining what the possible cause to the error situation is.

The images on the site is reloaded in the background using Ajax.

Tools I’ve used to create the site:

JpGraph – For graphing
PHP – coding
Java – coding and API

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