Tibco Businessworks 5 Deployment

We have several different environments running Tibco Business Works.

When you deploy the ear-file created in another environment, you get the settings for that environment.

This was a problem, since it leads to a lot of manual work.

I first created a script which demanded a config-file, using Tibco’s appManage.

This worked fine, but there was still som work needed being done moving files to the servers containing the scripts. I therefore created a website, where you could deploy the application, update it and perform a rollback to older versions if the new one fails.

The result is shown in the picture below.

You are here able to choose environment, ear file, config file and a additional config file for a spesific application.

To the right you have the red rollback button. When you press this, you are asked to choose environment. You then get this site, where you choose which ear- and config-file you want to roll back to.

(And yes.. I have not used a lot of time on the desing, since I have to much to do already 🙂 )

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