Sanntid / Realtime Bus-schedule in Oslo area for mobile devices

I wanted a easy and fast realtime buss-schedule for the Oslo area.

I wanted it to have theese features:

Very small, Fast, Search for buss-stop, Able to sort, colors for delayed busses etc and Able to store the final search in favourites

I found the url from they use to give you the information about the stations in xml format.

I then parse this information and displays it to the webpage.

The startpage ended up looking like this:

Here you can search for the stop place.

When you find your buss-stop, you can click on the link and get the realtime, planned schedule and the end station for the actual buss.

You can here filter the direction or the actual end station.

You can test the application here:

Just enter this url in your mobil browser:

(There is some minor details/bugs left… 🙂

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