Digital painting

This is a bit off topic of what I’m doing on a daily basis…

I’ve been impressed by the artists on the internett, creating live-like pictures using photoshop and probably a drawingboard.

I used to draw when I was younger, and wanted to do a test to see if I was able to paint a picture on my computer.

I had to use GIMP, since I’m running Linux (Ubuntu distro) on my laptop.

There was a couple of steps connecting the wacom board to my linux, but if you are running Ubuntu 8.10,

you should just write this command in your console:

sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-wacom wacom-tools

I watched som speedpainting videos on youtube, to understand the steps in the digital painting.
I could then see the techniques they used to create the pictures..
Since I don't have to much patience, I decided to start by painting some eyes..
In the beginning, I used a lot of time to find the right tools and techniques...
I've now only painted two pictures.. And I was very satisfied with the last one.

I'll probably make a tutorial of the steps creating a digital painting and techniques you can use to create one.
But it won't be for a little while, since I'm very busy these days since I'm 60% in a project.
(I was supposed to get 60% off my daily taskt... but ended up working 160% instead :) )

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