Stock trading and Mathematics

I’v just started to create a little demo for amateur-traders on the stock market.

(For free of course).

It is based on you going to

Finding the ticker you want to analyze.

Then you choose the tab «vansert graf og historikk» (marked in red)

On the top left on the next page, you have a «choice» box, which is called «Tidsperiode».

Here you can choose for how long amount of time, you want to analyze the stock.

After you have chosen the amount of time, press the button «Last ned».

Choose to open the excell sheet and press the little square up to the left marked with red on the next image.

This will cause all the values to be chosen.

Hold in [Ctrl] and press C (at the same time).

This makes a copy of the content.

Then you go to the webpage which is not available at present time (not sure if I’m allowed to let people do use numbers from the stock market in Oslo).


You then open the page and click the mouse in the big box.

Then you hold [Ctrl] and press V (at the same time)

This causes the data to be loaded into the box (as in img below):

Then you press «Analyser».

This creates to images:


Theese two images, has been created from the stock data.

The first image, shows you the development and the amplitude/standard deviation of the stock development.

The second one, calculates presumptions of the further development based on work by fibonacci.

I will explain it in details later on….

In the meantime, you can read a little bit about it here: