Getting control over complex IBM MQ-environment


A customer have complex system-integrations, where several of them are using MQ to handle messages between applications/systems. It was hard for AO to troubleshoot the errors involving MQ. I decided to create a websolution where you do not need to have deep knowledge about MQ (logging on to queuemanagers, commands, listing queue information to find out where the traffic goes, etc…). This solution should give users easy overview of configurations and statistics back in time for different queues on different queuemanagers.

The solution fetches the Qmgr configuration once a day by cronjobs running C-code. It also fetches qmgr statistics every five minutes on all qmgrs.

(All images on the page of the qmgrs, are created in realtime)

The Solution



Qmgrs link


Pressing the statistic button on Qmgrs page:


This gives you statistics the last 24 hours (live feed updated each 5 min.) It shows PUT/GET/ONQUEUE
on the given queuemanager you choose. You can also create a visual dashboard for monitoring and search within the queuemanager you have chosen.

Pressing the blue infobutton on Qmgrs page:


Pressing the link in statistics under eg. Alias Queues:


Search Engine

(name is only for internal use and just for fun 😉


You can search for qa, qr, xmit, channels, qmgrs etc.

Image visualization of search


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