Tibco B2B – not satisfied with original Search gui…


Working with Tibco B2B and Business Connect, I was not satisfied as you can see in an earlier post with the search gui for the logs. In previous versions (3.x) it took 5-10 minutes for each search and then 5-10 minutes to see the details. This was a bug in BC logviewer and I created my own back then.

A year a go, I created a new search gui for Business Connect.
This was for BC 5.x. I did not like the Gui and it also has som faults.

Original GUI

On the first page, you can’t see if the transaction fails or not. You have to open the details

Looking at the details, it’s not clear where it’s using time and there are also an error regarding sorting on time (see the date/time stamp in the end of the transaction.
The sorting of date, does not work if you try it.


My Gui

So I created yet another search gui for Tibco, so the Offshore-resources in INDIA could get a better view of the error, bottlenecks and the overall status of the transactions. And it’s faster 😉


  1. Here you can choose the date and time for start/end of your search. Default is 30 minutes back in time. You will get up a list where the completed transactions without error is green, pending transactions are yellow and failed transactions are red.
  2. In the details of the transaction you can see each step of the transaction
  3. XML-icon provides you the xml sendt in the actual step in the transaction.

Details of a transaction.

Here you can see each step the transaction did (in the correct order 🙂 ).
In the top view, you have a tabular view of the transaction.
The splunk icon, sends you to splunk searching in the correct timeframe for the b2b-transaction over different systems.
The bottom view shows you the transaction in a TCP-IP frame-like view and shows you the time it takes between each step, so you can easy pinpoint where the transaction is using time.

Transaction that completed

Ends with a green mark.
In this example you can see the trading partner is using the majority of the time in the transaction.


Transaction that fails

Ends with error signs where it fails.



I also added a statistics-gui, where you can see the number of transactions, who is sending them and also a pie-chart of the transactions, so you can see the amount of completed transactions and who has the failed transactions.


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