DevOps and ITIL

Working with some ideas about how to merge DevOps with the real world (ITSM),  where ITIL 3.0  is one of the most used ITSM framworks, where a lot of it was created 10 years ago.
Since July 2013 it’s owned by AXELOS.

At from 2015, you can see the different ITSM frameworks in use and ITIL where ITIL is the leader.

A lot of companies are using frameworks which most of their processes are defined from.
These frameworks demands trackabilities for everything that changes, fails, etc.

You can solve some of the problems where DevOps meets ITIL by for instance categorizing your CR’s (change requests) into different types. Like small-, medium- , high complexity.
You have a lot of different plugins you can put in your ITSM-tool (my example has ServiceNow), for automate the approval process where you do not need CAB to do so (where CAB does not need to do further analysis of the CR to verify the impact).
Do you need to create CR’s for the test-environments?

No matter what you do, you should try to automate as much as possible of the CI/CD pipeline. No tests, documentation of tests, creation of CR’s, etc. should be done manually.

My example (see picture above):

  1. Developer triggers a release from Jenkins, ansible, other
  2. The automated framework creates a change with documentation of tests to ITSM tool
  3. Depends on the release type
    1. Complex CR – CAB has to approve CR manually
    2. Type small-, medium Complex CR – automated approval of CR
  4. Automated framework performs deployment in Production
  5. Dynatrace managed or your preferred APM tool,  monitors the application for abnormalities after the release
    1. Can your APM-tool automate rollback when serious errors occurs?
    2. Will your APM-tool be able to create incidents and problems in ServiceNow or your preferred ITSM tool?
    3. Give feedback to devops team on Jira or other interfaces about the result/tasks
  6. Can your APM tool provision CI’s to your ITSM tool?

In the end… There is a lot of work to do to make the real world more agile. You have to change existing processes, mindset, tools etc. You almost never can’t start with DevOps and Agile way of work before you have solved all the other issues that will show up as big red stopsigns on your way.