About Me

Name: Tommy Jakobsen
Mail: tommy.jakobsen@outlook.com
Work: IT-industry 18+ years

Work Content:
Containerization (Architecture, design, demo – docker, kubernetes, Red Hat Openshift)
System Manager for GDPR systems
AD for GDPR systems
ITOA Advanced Operational Analytics of bigdata to identify performance anamolies before they impact the business
APM Application Performance Management with various tools like DCRUM, Dynatrace, Zabbix and more.
Outsourcing. (planning, implementing, developing JD’s and training)
Business 2 Business (AO/AM/error detecting and configuration of TIBCO Maintenance- and surveillance
SAN (System administrator of FC switch and storage solution based on ESS and brocade 2109 FC-switches.)
Programmering (Perl,shell,Dhtml,html,php,java, javascripting, sql etc.)
Single Sign On (system administration – Installation/maintenance and configuration.).
LDAP (System Administration, Maintenance and programming against AD, Sun One and IBM Tivoli Directory Server).
Web servers (adm & maint on Sun One, IBMhttp, Apache, Nginx, etc.)
Proxy (admin/config/maintenance) Application maintenance (Maintenance/Deploying of Applications which runs on IBM Websphere 3.5 and 5.x, Weblogic 8.x/9.x + sw upgrades, Jboss)
RAFW – Rational Automation Framework for WebSphere IBM Websphere EDGE Server (implementation, Maintenance of cluster and load balancing)
Network (TCP/IP,LAN,SAN,Switching,Patching,Fiber, Error detecting etc.) Security (hardening of OS WIN/UNIX/LINUX and patching of the systems, SSL, Single Sign On, Risik evaluation etc.)
Cluster (IBM HACMP, WIN-cluster and Edge Cluster) Graphical (design) Database(Administration, scripting, slq and maintenance on DB. (DA))

18+ years of experience with all the aspects management and architecture of lagrge Unix/Java installations and platforms. Specialties: Advanced troubleshooting of complex solutions, design of solutions, QA and more